A&W New Bulgogi Burger Promotion

The NEW A&W Bulgogi Burger is here, because, hey come on, it’s BULGOGI! Savour the tempting new sauce with generous layers of onions, cabbage, cheese and mayo, with either chicken or beef patties. You can’t afford to miss this one!

Price: RM9.80 (RB) regular , RM9.00 ala carte

What’s more?! 

Eat. Sleep. Snack. Repeat. It’s easy when you have Curly Fries, Onion Rings, Nachos & Criss Cut Fries, all in one single platter. And if that’s not enough, dip them in our Special Sauce!

P.S.: Get 50% off the RB or RB Float with every purchase of a Snack Platter! Offer is valid from 11 July to 20 August, 2017.

Price: RM7.60


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