Tai Tong Special Curry Pi Pa Duck and Seafood Menu Set 2011

If you always likes these crispy Pi Pa duck dishes plus seafood dishes such as Braised Abalone with mushroom and vegetables, Superior Shark fins soup with brown sausce, deep fried chicken ... Continue Reading →

Boston Buffet Steamboat Friday Insane Promotion 2011

Do you happens to know where is Equine Park, because if you do, on every friday. You might be seing a place shining with hots steams and full with fresh tasty seafood and great tasty ... Continue Reading →

Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant Member Month Promotions July 2011

Do you like Dim Sum? How about 30% discount off on dim sum + ala carte menu foods! If you like dim sum then you must not miss out the latest incoming offer from Dynasty Dragon Seafood ... Continue Reading →

American Express Where to Eat Promotions July 2011

Having some difficulties to find a great place for dining with your family and loves ones. Whether it’s chinese, italian, japanese, spanish or thai. Now with American Express ... Continue Reading →

Tea Home Super Value Lunch Set July 2011

Do you like to dine on a chinese cuisine which and whereby they are using tea leaves for cooking on all their food. And as for your informations, Puer tea rice effect are greats to ... Continue Reading →

Kim No Uma Japanese Restaurant and Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant July 2011

Have you ever taste some food which is so organic and it is high in vitamin and minerals. Greats for disease preventions and maintaining great good health! If this sort of food you ... Continue Reading →

Golden Dragonboat Restaurant Monthly promotion July 2011

Do you like chinese dining cuisine with their splatters of big meals comes in a roll of numbers. If you do then check out Golden Dragonboat restaurant today! Now with their Thai Style ... Continue Reading →

Sango All You Can Eat Buffet July 2011

Due to popular demand, there will be a returns of a All you can eat buffet! And guess where will this round be held. It is Sango Restaurant! Now you can enjoy this great delicious weekend ... Continue Reading →

Queensbay Mall Shop and Win a Meal July 2011

Have you ever wonder that after you spend your money and usually they will returns back in some offer or promotions. But how about a free meal. Well, now you can with a minimum spending ... Continue Reading →