Kenny Rogers Roasters LOL (Lots Of Lamb) Promotion

Kenny Rogers Roasters LOL (Lots Of Lamb) PromotionCome and check out Kenny Rogers Roasters LOL (Lots Of Lamb) now. Pick from their special menu of lamb dishes. Whether it’s a la carte or meal, platter or wrap, top it up with Baked Spicy Wedges as well as Green House and relish delicious, glorious lamb to your heart’s content!

Also available:

  1. Chicken & Lamb Platter (1/4 Rotisserie-Roasted Chicken, Lamb with Smoked BBQ Sauce, Baked Spicy Wedges & Kenny’s Home-made Muffin) – RM29.80
  2. Lamb Tortilla Wrap (a’ la carte) – RM9.90
  3. Lamb Tortilla Wrap Meal (Lamb Wrap with Classic Garden Salad & Kenny’s Home-made Muffin) – RM18.80
  4. Baked Spicy Wedges (a’ la carte) (with KRR Signature Cheese Sauce) – RM8.00
  5. Green House – RM7.90

Promotion: From 25th September 2013 onwards

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