Mcdonalds Malaysia Free Chicken McNugget Coupon June 2011

Guys, are you missing the Mcdonalds free buy 1 free 1 coupon? For their past last month of free food such as their McChicken burger and others.

Well! Mcdonalds is back with their buy 1 and free 1 food coupon!! Now you can enjoy your favorites Chicken McNuggets with this great promotions! Whenever you purchase a free ala carte Chicken McNuggets 6pcs then you shall be entitled for a free 6 pcs of Chicken McNuggets set free! Just print out the coupon below on A4 size, in black and white version! And present it when you are ordering your food at Mcdonalds! So spread this news around and start enjoying this offer before it runs out!

*Folks, there might be a slight mislead informations on this promotions here which were discovered by a consumer! This Mcdonald Voucher is only valid for weekdays from Monday – Friday! and not on weekend! So please take note!

Promotions: 21 June 2011 – 22 June 2011
Venue: All Mcdonalds outlets

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