Burger King Star Trek Into Darkness Galactic Meals Promotion

Head down to the nearest Burger King outlets and try their new Star Trek Into Darkness Galactic meals. Galactic Beef meal & Galactic Chicken meal from only RM13.95. Meteor Crunch ... Continue Reading →

Burger King Hershey’s Pie Promotion

Burger King Hershey’s Pie are back! For limited time only, come and enjoy this delicious treat at your nearest Burger King outlet today! Have It Your Way! Price: RM4.95   Continue Reading →

Burger King Grilled Chicken Burger Promotion

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Burger King Chicken Flamin’ or Crispy Meals Promotion

Introducing the new Chicken Flamin’ or Crispy Meals from Burger King! Choose from 3 different sets, Value Bite, Mixed Bite and Big Bite Meals! Head down to your nearest BK outlet ... Continue Reading →

Burger King New GI Joe Meals Promotion

Come and check out Burger King new GI Joe Meals today. Ranger Meal, armed with double beef patties, cheese, beefacon and BBQ sauce. And the fully loaded Commando Meal, equipped with ... Continue Reading →

Burger King Singles Black Pepper Promotion

Come and enjoy Burger King  latest Singles Black Pepper for only RM5.95 when you order Hottest Deals, all day, every day! Every meal comes with Medium Fries & Drink. Price: RM5.95   Continue Reading →

Burger King Snackin’ Deals Promotion

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Burger King Chicken Combo Promotion

Check out the Burger King Chicken Combo which includes French Chicken, Chicken Royale plus Coke and Fries! Best of all, it only cost RM 49.95 instead of RM 76.20! Now that is what ... Continue Reading →

Burger King Chicken Gallore Promotion

Check out Burger King Malaysia Chicken Gallore is so delicious that it is almost impossible to resist it! Chicken Gallore (Medium Value Meal): French Chicken @ RM15.95 Spicy Tendercrisp ... Continue Reading →