McDonald’s The Ultimate Beef Challenge Promotion

McDonald’s The Ultimate Beef Challenge Promotion. Big Mac vs Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Also, don’t miss out on the chance to win a total of RM 5,000 worth of prizes! Log ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s McSavers Promotion

Introducing McDonald’s NEW McSavers! Your favourites for as low as RM2, RM3 & RM4, all day, everyday! RM2 – Apple Pie, Small Fries, Small Coke RM3 – 4 pcs chicken ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Smokin’ McValue Meals Promotion

McDonald’s Smokin’ McValue Meals for only RM5.95! Your choice of a Smokin’ McChicken or Beef available from 12noon-3p m and 6pm-9pm everyday. Price: From RM5.95 Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger Meal is Back

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger Meal is Back! Available in both juicy beef and tender chicken, smothered in richly aromatic black pepper sauce, topped with slivered onions in a ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Onion Rings RM1 Add-On Promotion

Remember to always ask for Onion Rings whenever you order your McDonald’s meal @ McDonald’s today! Promotion: From 27 October 2013 onwards Continue Reading →

McDonald’s New Onion Rings & G McFizz Promotion

Introducing the NEW Onion Rings and G McFizz. Complete your G-Experience with the NEW Onion Rings & G-McFizz at McDonald’s today. For a limited time only. Promotion: 28 September ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Brekkie Wrap Promotion

McDonald’s Brekkie Wrap Promotion. Packed with a combination of perfectly moist scrambled eggs, a choice of grilled chicken sausage or smoky chicken roll and a slice of cheese ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s New Chicken McRib Promotion

McDonald’s New Chicken McRib Promotion. Juicy ribbed chicken patty cooked to perfection, amazing taste of sweet & tangy barbecue sauce, zesty pickles and slivered onions ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Malaysia Free Apple Pie Promotion

Drive-Thru customers with VIP stickers can now enjoy a FREE Apple Pie with purchase of RM20 and above. Hurry, offer valid for August and September. Promotion: 1 August – 30 September ... Continue Reading →
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