McDonald’s Double Prosperity Burger is Back

McDonald’s Double Prosperity Burger is back! Double the patty, double the sauce and double the enjoyment. Promotion: 24 January 2013 onwards Continue Reading →
McDonald's Golden Pineapple Pie Promotion

McDonald’s Golden Pineapple Pie Promotion

Come over and enjoy McDonald’s Golden Pineapple Pie today. An unforgettable bite into our famous flaky crust with sweet pineapple filling. For a limited time only. Promotion: ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Buka Puasa McValue Dinner Promotion

McDonald’s Malaysia is having its Buka Puasa McValue Dinner Promotion now. Come over and enjoy your buka Puasa with McValue Dinner with 18 great choices like the McChicken & ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's New Groovy Lime Promotion

McDonald’s New Groovy Lime Promotion

Come and check out the McDonald’s New Groovy Lime with Nata De Coco Sundae and McFlurry! Sundae @ RM3.30 & McFlurry @ RM4.50. Groovy Lime Sundae and McFlurry are available ... Continue Reading →

McDonald's Weekday Breakfast Special

McDonald’s Weekday Breakfast Special

Come and check out McDonald’s Weekday Breakfast Special from only RM4, with 5 great breakfast choices to choose from. Whether it’s the new Chicken Muffin, the classic Sausage ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's McDelivery Free 20pcs McNuggets Promotion

McDonald’s McDelivery Free 20pcs McNuggets Promotion

McDelivery is giving away FREE 20pcs Chicken McNuggets for every order RM45 and above now! It’s available from 11am to 4am. Remember to mention that you have the “Free 20pcs ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's Great Breakfast Incredible Price Promotion

McDonald’s Great Breakfast Incredible Price Promotion

Great news for McDonald’s fans, McDonald’s is having their Great Breakfast Incredible Price Promotion now. Priced at RM2.50 only. Make sure you don’t miss it! Terms ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's McValue Dinner Promotion

McDonald’s McValue Dinner Promotion

The McDonald’s McValue Dinner starts today! Great value from only RM5.95 with all 10 of your favorite McDonald’s meals. Enjoy it from 6pm – 9pm everyday! Time: 6pm – ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger Meal Promotion

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Meal Promotion

The best lunch deal in town is now EVEN BETTER. Come and check out the McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Meal @ only RM6.95 during McValue Lunch. Price includes French Fries ... Continue Reading →
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