McDonald’s Frozen Coca-Cola & Fanta Frozen Promotion

The delightful taste of Frozen Coca-Cola & Fanta Frozen will definitely thrill your taste buds! Come and experience a new and refreshing beverage from McDonald’s today! Check ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Onion Rings RM1 Add-On Promotion

Remember to always ask for Onion Rings whenever you order your McDonald’s meal @ McDonald’s today! Promotion: From 27 October 2013 onwards Continue Reading →

McDonald’s New Blueberry Desserts Promotion

Introducing the NEW Blueberry Desserts! Treat yourselves with the Glorious Blueberry Sundae, McFlurry and Pie today! Promotion: From 18 October 2013 onwards Continue Reading →

McDonald’s NEW G Wrap Promotion

Introducing the NEW G Wrap! A delicious combination of juicy Grilled whole chicken thigh, topped with Groovy aioli sauce, Generous whole leaf lettuce, Gorgeous fresh salad and Glorious ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s New Onion Rings & G McFizz Promotion

Introducing the NEW Onion Rings and G McFizz. Complete your G-Experience with the NEW Onion Rings & G-McFizz at McDonald’s today. For a limited time only. Promotion: 28 September ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s GCB Promotion

Be the first to get the GCB at 12 McDonald’s restaurant selected exclusively for you. GCB, Onion Rings and G McFizz are available from 11am-4am for a limited time only. Not available ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Sweet Deals Desserts Card Promotion

McDonald’s Sweet Deals Desserts Card. For only RM10, you’ll get to enjoy their desserts for up to 25% off. And upon purchase of the card, get 3 coupons for a free Sundae worth ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Brekkie Wrap Promotion

McDonald’s Brekkie Wrap Promotion. Packed with a combination of perfectly moist scrambled eggs, a choice of grilled chicken sausage or smoky chicken roll and a slice of cheese ... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s New Chicken McRib Promotion

McDonald’s New Chicken McRib Promotion. Juicy ribbed chicken patty cooked to perfection, amazing taste of sweet & tangy barbecue sauce, zesty pickles and slivered onions ... Continue Reading →