B.bap Korean Bistro Drumettes Party Add-On Promotion

Check out the B.bap Korean Bistro Chicken Drumettes Party Set with new Add-on menu for dinner.

Step 1: Choose one of our drumettes party set below
6 pcs of chicken drumettes with 1 sides
9 pcs of chicken drumettes with 2 sides
12 pcs of chicken drumettes with 2 sides

Step 2: Choose one of their Dinner Add on
Choice of 2 pax, 3 pax & 4 pax.

Selamat berbuka puasa.

Price: From RM20 onwards

Tel: 03-2856 0328

Venue: L1-19, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50450

Story about B.bap 

B.bap is proud to launch its’ new concept restaurant – “B.bap Korean Bistro” where traditional meets fusion.

The western influences on Korean food culture have brought significant impact on today’s eatery places in Korea, especially to the younger generation. In line with the current trend, B.bap Korean Bistro has combined Korean cuisine and Western cuisine into fusion Korean food, for example, pasta served with Korean marinated meat or Kimchi added into seafood spaghetti. Other additions include desserts such as Korean trendy Bingsu (shaved ice) and thick toast desserts with Korean or Western ingredients. The beverages on offer are ranges from in-house made fruit sodas & smoothies to Korean popular drinks, coffee and teas.

Breakfasts are also served daily from 8am to 10am with favorites such as croissants, tacos, wraps, toasts and Korean breakfast sets, with coffee or tea included. Look out for our selected cakes and pastries of the day, popular fruit juices and Korean drinks at the confectionery/beverage display.

No doubt we are excited with our new Korean fusion food offerings, B.bap Korean Bistro remains focus to serve you our all-time Korean favorite dishes like Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, Tteokbokki, Rabokki, Kimchi Jjigae, Soon Dubu Jjigae, Yang Nyeom Chicken, Korean Ramyeon, Kimbap.….and many more.

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