Durian Buffet All You Can Eat June 2011

Yes! Durian BUFFET! You don’t have a problems on what you are seing here nor i have a wrong words used here! There is a sort of latest trend of so called Durian or should i say local fruits buffet! All you have to do is select a few package offered here and you can start enjoy great fruits for unlimited rounds!!Imagine that you really love mangosteen and you been starving for like 2 days, now that will be something out of predictions! So enjoy this Durian buffet today and your durian senses and hunger for it will be temporarily shut off for at least a while for sure!

Package 1:
Local Taste (Rm18.00)
Unlimited variety of Kampung Durian

Package 2:
The King Taste (RM35.00)
Unlimited variety of Kampung Durian and Limited Champion Durian

Promotions: 24 June 2011 – onwards
Venue: 193, MK1, Bukit Kechil,
11000 Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau.
Call for inquiries or reservation.: Mei Shy 梅诗 012-5536898

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