Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur Rock the Wok July 2011

I am pretty sure that Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur is not an unfamiliar name when it comes to rock and roll cafe and great dining experiences places! Now there will be a special promotions of Rock the Wok with their all time Asian favorites menu! Enjoy food now such as satay, gyoza, hainaese chicken rice, laksa, seafood char kway teow, sweet and sour fish, teriyaki salmon and pho hao beef noodles. All this is available now at Hard Rock Cafe. So don’t miss this greats exciting dishes!

Satay – Skewers of chicken or beef grilled to perfection. Served with peanut sauce, cucumber, onion and ketupat (rice cake). RM20.00

Gyoza – Minced chicken and vegetable dumpling pan fried till golden brown. RM20.00

Hainanese Chicken Rice – Boiled chicken served with fragrant rice, soup, local vegetables and accompanied with ginger, chili and black soy sauce. RM27.00

Laksa – Spicy coconut based rice noodle soup with bean sprouts, superior fish cake, prawns, boiled egg topped with chili paste and laksa leaf. RM25.00

Seafood Char Kway Teow – Stif fried flat noodles tossed with bean sprouts, superior fish cake, squid, egg, prawn and finish with sweet and spicy soy sauce. RM27.00

Sweet and Sour Fish – Traditional sweet and sour sauce tossed with fried fish, onion, bell pepper and pineapple. Served with steamed rice. RM25.00

Teriyaki Salmon – Grilled salmon fillet glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with rice and vegetables. RM38.00

Pho Hao (Beef Noodles) – Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Garnish with basil, lime, onion, bean sprouts and spring onion. RM27.00
Promotions: 25 June 2011 – 31 July 2011
Venue: Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur,2, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur


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