Panini Cafe Nyonya Set Dinner Promotion – June 2011

Have you ever taste the great delighted dishes of Nyonya style. Well, if you never tasted this great dishes before, then you should drop by to Panini Cafe and set your taste to their latest Nyonya food promotions packages. With a great affordable price, you will be served with 3 different set of dishes here just to statisfied your craving for these great Nyonya food.

Set A: RM43.00
1. Kari Kapitan Ayam
2. Udang Goreng Asam
3. Sengkuang Sotong
4. Kangkung Belacan
5. Telur dadar
6. Sambal Belacan

Set B: RM47.00
1. Tenggiri Asam Pedas
2. Ayam Goreng Inchi Kabin
3. Popiah Goreng
4. Tauhu Kicap
5. Taugeh Goreng Ikan Masin
6. Sambal Belacan

Set C: RM43.00
1. Nyonya Kari Lemak Ayam
2. Ikan Sumbat Sambal
3. Tauhu Sumbat
4. Kastard Telur Masin
5. Sayur Campur
6. Sambal Belacan
Promotion: 13 June 2011 – onwards
Venue: 24, Jalan 1/76C, Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 603-92836118

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