McDonald's McValue Dinner Promotion

McDonald’s McValue Dinner Promotion

The McDonald’s McValue Dinner starts today! Great value from only RM5.95 with all 10 of your favorite McDonald’s meals. Enjoy it from 6pm – 9pm everyday! Time: 6pm – ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger Meal Promotion

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Meal Promotion

The best lunch deal in town is now EVEN BETTER. Come and check out the McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Meal @ only RM6.95 during McValue Lunch. Price includes French Fries ... Continue Reading →
McDonald's Chicken Prosperity Meal Promotion

McDonald’s Chicken Prosperity Meal Promotion

McDonald’s lovers, come and enjoy your favourite Chicken Prosperity Meal now. Excite your taste buds with our delicious Chicken Prosperity Burger, scrumptious Twister Fries and ... Continue Reading →
Prosperity Meal McValue Lunch Promotion

Prosperity Meal McValue Lunch Promotion

Savor great value with the Prosperity Meal McValue Lunch @ RM10.95. Now for an unbelievable price, not only will you be indulging in the incomparable Beef Prosperity Burger, scrumptious ... Continue Reading →

Mcdonalds Malaysia New Breakfast Chicken Muffin 2011

If you are a Mcdonalds fans, there you must try out their latest new breakfast Chicken Muffin set, with the new ingredients and mixtures of best and most delicious chicken in this muffin, ... Continue Reading →

Mcdonalds Malaysia A Twirl of Flavor 2011

Come and enjoy this latest Twirl of flavours from Mcdonalds! For only rm1.50 each! Now you can enjoy this all new fun flavours of ice cream at Mcdonalds Malaysia! So hurry and drop ... Continue Reading →

Mcdonalds Malaysia McValue Lunch and Buka Puasa Promotion 2011

During this great Ramadhan festive, you can enjoy your favorites Mcdonalds McValue lunch and even buka puasa set with even greater price now! Enjoy your GCB burger for only rm9.95 and ... Continue Reading →

Mcdonalds Malaysia Double Cheeseburger Buy 1 Get 1 Free Voucher

A great news to all Mcdonalds fans out there, due to over whelming sales from the last Doublecheese burger response. Mcdonalds Malaysia will be having yet another surprise for all ... Continue Reading →

Mcdonalds Malaysia McValue Lunch with GCB Burger July 2011

Mcdonalds fans? Do you know that now McValue lunch is having a greater and cheaper burger of their newest burger families? Check out their Great Chicken Burger today with price slash ... Continue Reading →